Primary Education

Forest school villagers have experience of running forest school programme for children in primary schools from reception to year 6. Children embrace the outdoor area. The leader works with the teacher to plan tailored sessions based on the class, theme and curriculum.
Numeracy and literacy can be developed by comparing stick sizes, counting objects/ lines on trees, estimating how many sticks are in a fairy fire, creating names/ words using outdoor objects and much more.
The schools themes/ topics can be incorporated, for example- Romans, building Roman houses using sticks, painting Roman numerals onto wood cookies, making shields and more.
Children experience risk and challenge by collecting fire wood, using the flint and steel, toasting marshmallows and using tools.
Please get in touch about booking sessions at your school!
Costs are; £80 per two hour session. If two sessions are booked in one day, for example 9.30- 11.30 then 13.00- 15.00 the total cost would be at a reduced rate of £150.

Birthday Parties

Forest School Villagers are pleased to be taking bookings for birthday parties for children between ages 7 and 11 beginning in June. A hot chocolate, marshmallows and snacks will be included!
These parties are fun, muddy, free flow and can be taken in the direction the children enjoy such as den building, scavenger hunting, hide and seek and much more.
A location and time will be agreed on with the parents, sessions are one and a half hours long so could fit ideally in the middle of the party!

Costs are; £90 per party for up to 10 children, an additional charge of £5 per child with a maximum of 15 children all together. Parties are offered between the times of 12pm and 16.30 pm on Saturdays. Currently available on two Saturdays a month.
Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment!

Education Packs

We are excited to be designing education packs, available to councils, primary schools and more. The aim is for us to facilitate an educational visit through the education pack.
The idea is that you provide a brief for us to work with, we would this may be about the history of the local area, ‘all you need to know’ section, pre visit worksheets, trip activities for example historical treasure hunts, discovery walks, arts and crafts and so on. Ideas can be discussed and agreed.
Your designer will use the information from us and transform it into professional worksheets which can be downloaded from your website for primary teachers (for example) to download and utilise as their lessons! You could even copyright it.
The packs can take a few months to plan and develop so please get in touch to discuss the cost. We are in the process of designing one for Cheshire Council!

We cover a wider area for the Education packs, please contact us for more info